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KitchenAid Rebates (Canada)

Ready to buy a KitchenAid and want to save too, eh? Then here’s your chance to eat cake (that you can whip up quickly with your new KitchenAid Stand Mixer.   :-) Now you can get up to $75 back in mail-in rebates. It just takes a couple of minutes… In order to cash-in on the The [...]


KitchenAid Rebates (US)

Bargain hunters, good news if you hurry you can get a new KitchenAid Stand Mixer for a great deal. Right now there is a $30.00 USD mail-in rebate. It will take a few seconds to fill out the short form. You will have to include your contact details, check mark the qualifying model, the UPC [...]


KitchenAid Canada

OK, who in their right mind would not want KitchenAid? Come on, there must be loads of stand mixers available, what is so special about the KitchenAid mixer? Hmm, sounds like you need proof of what this powerful piece of equipment can do. Keep reading as this story unfolds you will be pleasantly surprised at [...]